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Save Big on Repairs without Compromising Safety!

By: Bob Glose – Senior Vice President, Operations & Enterprise Resources Fleet managers are constantly pressed for ways to control costs, and saving money on collision repairs is one legitimate way to do it. But repairs are more than simply putting the vehicle back into service. The key objective is to make the vehicle safe to drive.…
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What Does It Take To Achieve A Higher Subrogation Recovery Rate?

By Bob Glose, Senior Vice President, Operation and Enterprise Resources There are five essential steps to the subrogation recovery process, each of which is subject to its own types of pitfalls, and is amenable to specific remedies: Step One: Identifying the claims to pursue for recovery. This is the most crucial step in the entire process, and itself…
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Close Gaps in Fleet Safety to Avoid Negligent Entrustment Liability, Part Four

Part four of a four-part series on negligent entrustment: ‘Onboard vehicle technologies that address areas of liability'. By Brian Kinniry, Senior Director, Strategic Services, The CEI Group, Inc. Part one of the negligent entrustment series summarized the main grounds for a fleet-related negligent entrustment case. Part two addressed how a fleet manager could build a transparent,…
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