Accident Prevention: Accident Rates Reduced by an Average of 15%

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Fleet Risk Management and Driver Safety
Accident prevention is one of CEI’s core competencies. We slash accident rates for both car and truck fleets by an average of 15%, saving lives and tens of millions of dollars year in the visible and hidden costs of accidents, year in and year out. The key is our online DriverCare fleet driver safety and risk management application, which harnesses big data to identify high-risk drivers.

Each DriverCare fleet driver file contains important performance data -- accident history, MVRs (including medical certifications), traffic camera violations, toll-free driver reporting services, fleet telematics data, fleet predictive analytics and more. These factors help determine a risk level. If a driver’s risk level becomes elevated or a serious event occurs, the driver (along with customer-designated managers) is automatically notified and assigned remedial fleet driver safety training.

DriverCare is proven to strengthen driver safety culture, change driver behavior, provide a record to mitigate negligent entrustment action, and deliver a substantial reduction in accidents.

Liability Protection against Negligent Entrustment Claims

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CEI’s DriverCare decreases liability exposure for the car and truck fleet operator, too, by identifying high-risk drivers and creating an opportunity to intervene before a future accident. Finally, the application creates a record of every intervention to further avoid negligent entrustment issues.

Fleet Accident Management: Up to 12% Savings on Repairs

Accident Management
CEI’s provider network consists of some 4,000 sedan and light-duty collision repair centers as well as 1,000 medium- and heavy-duty truck repair shops across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. These providers must pass our rigorous quality standards, and we continuously monitor their performance to ensure timely repairs, competitive pricing, and ongoing fleet customer satisfaction.

CEI’s quality control department of licensed physical damage appraisers reviews every fleet accident repair estimate from our network shops, looking for opportunities to save money on parts and labor. They also are experienced at finding savings on work truck repairs.

We ensure that every repair meets each client’s standards for quality and vehicle safety. Our fleet accident management operations team makes sure repairs remain on schedule and that customers’ vehicles are back on the road as quickly as possible. And, our online customer portal, ClaimsLink™ Express Lane, provides 24/7/365 visibility of every claim.

Finally, we are adept at finding temporary rental replacement vehicles – both cars and trucks!

Subrogation: More than $50 Million in recoveries 2015

Loss Recovery
The recovery of accident damages from at-fault, third-party drivers is a tedious task. In fact, every year, fleets leave hundreds of millions of dollars on the table. CEI’s loss recovery department works harder to recover those lost dollars from car and truck accident damage. Our highly experienced fleet subrogation professionals are fully trained in the state laws, insurance industry practices, and negotiation to maximize the recovery of accident expenses.

CEI finds recovery potential in 30% of all the claims we handle. On average, we recover 95% of the funds we pursue in less than 60 days. Our fleet subrogation department even recovers from uninsured drivers and for loss of use and diminished value of our clients’ vehicles. Importantly, since CEI only gets paid when we collect, this service more than pays for itself.

Our Loss Recovery and Vehicle Remarketing teams have successfully processed thousands of work truck claims and transactions, too.

Salvage: Faster, Better Receipts from our Nationwide Network

CEI helps fleets obtain maximum value when it’s time to remarket their vehicles. We seek electronic bids from a nationwide network of more than 150 high-quality salvage buyers. As a result, the proceeds our clients receive often exceed their expectations. CEI handles all the paperwork, and our fleet customers typically receive a check within two weeks of their decision to go to market.

Driver Training, Recognition & Communications

CEI is unique in offering an in-house production house that produces a full range of fleet driver training and customized video modules, web-based and print communications, recognition programs, and more. Our CEI Studios production team develops programs and collateral to strengthen each customer’s unique fleet driver safety culture goals.

Here are just some CEI Studios production examples:

  • General fleet driver training
  • Accident and safety policy documentation
  • Fleet Safety training videos and lessons
  • Online fleet driver safety policy modules
  • Online interactive services, including advanced testing
  • Client-branded accident kits
  • Driver communication documents, both printed and email-attachable
  • Driver incentives and recognition
  • Web portals, and more.