About Our Fleet Accident Repair Services

CEI - About UsFrom its 1976 origins in the collision repair business based in Philadelphia, CEI has become a fleet industry leader through its clear vision of service excellence and its record of innovation in fleet accident repair. As a result, our hard-earned reputation is one of exceeding customer expectations while delivering cutting-edge fleet accident repair solutions.

In 1983, we entered the fleet accident management business as one of the industry’s pioneers, and within a few years, we added rental vehicle, loss recovery and vehicle remarketing services. In the 1990s, we transitioned to a digital technology infrastructure, built by our team of IT professionals. And in 2003, we launched our fleet driver safety business, DriverCare. Today, DriverCare 5.0 offers more ways for fleets to monitor, assess, train and intervene with their primary and secondary drivers than any other online fleet safety application.

Accident prevention and management is CEI’s only business. Our proven ability to save fleets millions of dollars and prevent more than 1,000 accidents every year is the reason our fleet accident repair business has grown so fast. Our loyal customer base now includes some of North America’s largest fleets and fleet management companies. With more than 900,000 vehicles under management and 250,000 drivers enrolled in DriverCare, our fleet customers ask us to handle more than 250,000 claims every year. That volume enables CEI to deliver unsurpassed levels of fleet management repair service and economies of scale.

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How We Save Fleets Millions

Detail-Driven Repair Management. We save, on average, 8% to 12% a year on fleet accident repair expenses by reviewing every repair estimate for potential savings on parts and labor and tracking every repair to assure they are delivered on schedule to minimize replacement vehicle rental expenses.

Improved Loss Recovery. We typically recover damages from at-fault third-party drivers in about 25% of all the claims we handle. We recover 95% or more of the funds we seek in less than 60 days.

Changing Driver Behavior. The DriverCare online fleet driver safety and risk management application, designed to change bad driving habits, has been proven to slash accident rates by up to an average of 15%. In addition to eliminating repair expenses, we help fleets avoid the hidden costs of accidents including insurance, administrative costs, and lost productivity.

How We Remain Number One in Repair Quality

CEI is the only fleet accident management company to be awarded Gold Status by the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) for excellence in collision appraisal. Our Quality Control department of 15 licensed physical damage appraisers reviews every repair estimate for savings on parts and labor and to ensure that the repairs meet industry and client standards for safety and quality. Their combined practical experience of more than 300 years in the auto body repair industry earns the respect from shops needed to manage the repair process.