End of Day Distracted Driving Elevates Your Risk for a Crash

Distracted Driving By the Numbers We all have heard the distracted driving statistics: you are 23 times more likely to be involved in a collision when texting and driving; you travel the length of a football field in the time it takes to read one text; 20% of all crashes with injuries involve a distracted Read More

Cybersecurity: How Well Protected Is Your Company Against the Rising Tide of Malicious Disruption?

My theme in this continuing blog is that business disruption – the kind that results from a continuous strategic embrace of cutting-edge technology – is not just a good thing, but a requirement. Call it creative destruction. But there’s another kind of technology-powered disruption that is simply destructive: the hacking of an organization’s digital infrastructure. Read More

Millennials Are Disrupting Business…In a Positive Way!

For the past decade or so, the press has been filled with stories about how difficult millennials are to manage. We’re talking about people born approximately between 1980 and 1996, and the complaints about them are legion: They lack a work ethic, question and disrespect authority, are needy, and want to be pampered. The description Read More

The 21st Century’s Mega Disruptor: Machine Learning

Of all the technological advances mankind has achieved over the millennia that have changed the way we live and work, Machine Learning (ML) may well prove to be the one with the most powerful and disruptive effects. And while one application – autonomous vehicles – is still in its infancy, ML applications in many other Read More

Edge Computing: The Next Step in the Evolution of Digital Computing

Pardon the pun, but companies in many different industries that want to get an edge on their competitors — or avoid being left behind by them — need to embrace the next step in the evolution of digital technology: edge computing. So, what is edge computing? To put it simply, edge computing refers to digital Read More

CEOs Need to Take Charge of their Firms’ AI Strategy, Now!

Over the next two to three years, American businesses are expected to make a mad rush toward tapping the multi-trillion-dollar potential of artificial intelligence (AI), but they’re likely to stumble and misfire unless they take a strategic approach to its integration. AI is the area of computer science that enables machines to work and react Read More

The Internet of Things: One of Today’s Disruptive Battlefronts

Perhaps as dramatic an invention as the printing press, the internet has engendered revolutionary changes in the way people work, shop, learn, communicate, receive and share information. For some industries – like newspapers and retailing — it’s been a disruptive force that threatens the extinction of enterprises that rely on traditional technologies. The key to Read More

Disruptive Leadership: A New Requirement for Business Success

I’m pleased to introduce a new blog, which is entitled “Disruptive Leadership.”  This theme is prompted by the fact that technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace and making sweeping changes to society, markets, and leadership.  These changes are creating new competitive and leadership challenges and opportunities every day. While my perspective reflects my personal Read More

Creating Stronger Safety Standards for Service and Vocational Fleets

Blockchain: A Positive Disruption Coming to Your Industry

Imagine that you and everybody in your organization has completely accurate, detailed and real-time information about every transaction you conduct with your customers and suppliers as well as all the data collected by the sensors on your machinery and equipment. Imagine further that it is the same information at every moment that every one of Read More

Save Big on Repairs without Compromising Safety!

By: Bob Glose – Senior Vice President, Operations & Enterprise Resources Fleet managers are constantly pressed for ways to control costs, and saving money on collision repairs is one legitimate way to do it. But repairs are more than simply putting the vehicle back into service. The key objective is to make the vehicle safe to drive. Read More

What Does It Take To Achieve A Higher Subrogation Recovery Rate?

By Bob Glose, Senior Vice President, Operation and Enterprise Resources There are five essential steps to the subrogation recovery process, each of which is subject to its own types of pitfalls, and is amenable to specific remedies: Step One: Identifying the claims to pursue for recovery. This is the most crucial step in the entire process, and itself Read More

Body Repair Shop Selection: Are You Setting Yourself Up for a Nightmare Repair?

By John Wolford, CEI Vice President, Business Process, Quality, and Sourcing Choosing a body repair shop is one of the most important decisions a fleet can make.  If you don’t have a ready network of high-quality body shops at your disposal when a fleet accident occurs, lots can go wrong: Damage that makes the vehicle Read More

Close Gaps in Fleet Safety to Avoid Negligent Entrustment Liability, Part Four

Part four of a four-part series on negligent entrustment: ‘Onboard vehicle technologies that address areas of liability’. By Brian Kinniry, Senior Director, Strategic Services, The CEI Group, Inc. Part one of the negligent entrustment series summarized the main grounds for a fleet-related negligent entrustment case. Part two addressed how a fleet manager could build a transparent, Read More

Close Gaps in Fleet Safety to Avoid Negligent Entrustment Liability, Part Three

Part three of a four-part series on negligent entrustment: Invest in new technologies to avert liability exposure. By Kevin Reilly, Editorial Communications Manager, The CEI Group, Inc. Part one of my negligent entrustment series summarized the main grounds for a fleet-related negligent entrustment case. Part two addressed how a fleet manager could build a transparent, fair, Read More

Close Gaps in Fleet Safety to Avoid Negligent Entrustment Liability, Part Two

Part two of a four-part series on negligent entrustment:  How to build a strong, enforceable safety policy. By Kevin Reilly, Editorial Communications Manager, The CEI Group, Inc In part one of my negligent entrustment series, I outlined the main grounds for a fleet-related negligent entrustment case. In this part, I will outline how to build a Read More

Close Gaps in Fleet Safety to Avoid Negligent Entrustment Liability, Part One

Part one of a four-part series on negligent entrustment. By Kevin Reilly, Editorial Communications Manager, The CEI Group, Inc. Negligent entrustment – two words that keep the experienced fleet manager up at night. And yet, there are still fleets, large and small, that are not in a position to defend themselves from this form of Read More

The Advantages of Outsourcing Subrogation to an Experienced Team

April 2017 Subrogation can be a great tool to ensure fair compensation after an accident, but many fleets end up leaving money on the table; money that the fleet could have collected if they had an experienced team pursuing every possible dollar that can be collected from the at-fault third party. The process of collection Read More

Attacking a Fleet’s Pain Points with Targeted Training Provides Short-Term Milestones on the Long Road to Total Fleet Safety

March 2017 Driving down accident rates requires a great deal of time and patience, but what is a fleet manager to do when faced with the expectation of providing results within a single year? Typically, it takes at least three years for a fleet to bring their accident rates down by any significant measure. The Read More

Updating Your Safety Culture in the Age of ‘Big Data’

February 2017 As more fleets upgrade their safety programs with emerging technologies, particularly telematics and prescriptive analytics services, it is important for fleet managers to consider how these technologies will fit into and shape their safety culture. Knowing how these big data technologies function, as well as their varied reporting options, is the first step. Read More

Prescriptive Analytics — Moving Past Predictions

January 2017 Predictive Analytics is nothing new, but the application of predictive techniques has been seeping into every facet of business and government operations. The market for predictive analytics technologies tripled, from 11 billion to 35 billion dollars, from 2000 to 2012. It is now estimated that the US alone will need 190,000 more analytics Read More

You CAN Collect from Uninsured Drivers (but It’s Not Easy)

By Steve Steinberg, CEI Manager of Loss Recovery  Recovering damages from at-fault third party drivers is one of the most powerful ways that fleets can reduce the net cost of accidents. At CEI, we’ve seen subrogation recover an amount equal to as much as 50% of a fleet’s total original repair estimates. It’s one thing Read More

Hands-Free is Just as Dangerous as Hand-Held!

Today’s Drive Safely to Work Week driver tweets warn that 50 studies show using a hands-free phone behind the wheel is just as dangerous as using a hand-held device, and urge people never to call or text someone you know is driving. Help others help themselves. Never text or call if u know they’re driving. Read More

Safe Driving Requires 7-8 Hours of Sleep Every Night

Today’s NETS Drive Safely to Work Week tweet focuses again on the critical importance of sleep to driver safety. Feeling drowsy while driving?  The only true countermeasure is to pull over and take a break. Safe driviung tomorrow starts with 7-8 hours of quality sleep tonight. YOUR DECISIONS DRVIER YOUR SAFETY.

Good sleep is critical to fleet driver safety.

  Drowsiness and fatigue are significant causes of accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says fatigue is responsible for 100,000 police-reported collisions more than 1,000 fatalities a year. Today’s Drive Safely to Work Week tweet explains all the ways that good sleep makes for safe driving. Think sleep is for babies? Think again. When Read More

Driver Behavior Contributes to 94% of All Crashes

Many drivers admit THEY engage in the behaviors they find unacceptable in others. It’s Drive Safely Work Week. How’s your driving? Driver behavior contributes to 94% of all crashes. YOUR DECISIONS DRIVE YOUR SAFETY.

More Auto Computers Means More Complicated, Costly and Longer Repairs

By Greg Neuman, CEI senior manager of quality control Thanks to digital technology, cars and trucks are safer and more fuel efficient than ever, but the growing number of computers installed on them has also made them more difficult, time-consuming and expensive to repair.  What’s more, with all the customer demands for more safety, navigation Read More


Avoid Repair Disasters with This Simple Rule

By John Wolford, CEI director of client and vendor services   Do you let your drivers decide where they get their vehicles repaired after an accident? If so, you may be opening the door to repair disasters, like:   Low-quality workmanship. Inferior parts. Overlooked damage. Prolonged downtime. Storage costs you could avoid. Limited recourse.   Read More

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