While people remain sheltered at home during COVID-19, fleet drivers for essential businesses are out on the roads. We have learned that empty roads breed more speeding-related crashes, and that driving skills can quickly erode for those who haven’t been regularly driving. Whether your fleet is operational or grounded, the COVID-19 Safe Driving Lesson will help your drivers stay safe on and off the road.

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Get Your Fleet Started on the COVID-19 Safe Driving Lesson

Watch: COVID-19 Safe Driving Lesson by CEI Drivercare

About The Driving Lesson

The COVID-19 Safe Driving Lesson includes guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Fleets that complete this driving lesson add an important layer of protection to their safety and risk management efforts by adding to the health and safety of drivers.

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Our risk services support a culture of driver awareness and give fleet and safety managers the insight they need to pinpoint areas for improvement and reward good driving behavior. Through sophisticated technology, we turn disparate datapoints into insightful driving behavior trends, making risk identification easy, and driver safety more attainable than ever.


Our integrated approach to driver training services has proven to increase the overall effectiveness of fleet management programs. Using data from claims, repair and risk, we craft customized training programs that directly target your fleet’s most prevalent issues. Our online training modules, custom safety videos and one-on-one consulting will directly address your risks and drive down collisions, injuries, downtime and costs.

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CEI is the leading provider of collision and fleet safety management solutions. We help drivers navigate the ever-increasing dangers on our roadways to reduce collisions, injuries and related costs. Our continued investment in technology and process improvements allows us to evolve with the needs of our customers. Mobile-based claims solutions significantly speed up the repair process, while continuing to ensure that repair and rental expenses are well-controlled. CEI operates a 24/7 contact center for drivers and maintains a 4,000-repair shop network throughout North America.