Fleet Risk Management and Driver Safety

A quick look at the features of DriverCare, the industry’s leading fleet driver safety and risk management application.

Accident prevention is one of CEI’s core competencies. We slash accident rates for both car and truck fleets by as much as 35%, saving lives and tens of millions of dollars year in the visible and hidden costs of accidents, year in and year out. The key is our online DriverCare fleet driver safety and risk management application, which harnesses big data to identify high-risk drivers.

Each DriverCare fleet driver file contains important performance data — accident history, MVRs (including medical certifications), traffic camera violations, toll-free driver reporting services, fleet telematics data, fleet predictive analytics and more. These factors help determine a risk level. If a driver’s risk level becomes elevated or a serious event occurs, the driver (along with customer-designated managers) is automatically notified and assigned remedial fleet driver safety training.

DriverCare is proven to strengthen driver safety culture, change driver behavior, provide a record to mitigate negligent entrustment action, and deliver a substantial reduction in accidents.